Education for immigrants

The Vantaa Adult Education Centre offers Finnish language courses as well as a number of other courses intended for immigrants. If you are an immigrant, you are certainly welcome to all the courses at our Centre.

Opiskelijoita luokassa

Study counselling

You can enquire about learning the Finnish language at the Vantaa Adult Education Centre on Wednesday from 13:00 to 15:00 on site at the Vantaa Education Centre building or by phone (you will find the number at the bottom of the page).

Finnish language courses at the adult education centre

Welcome to learn Finnish at the Vantaa Adult Education Centre! We have different language proficiency level courses and they are arranged at different locations in Vantaa. The courses of the adult education centre are paid courses. You can ask for advice at the study counselling, the contact information is provided at the bottom of the page.

General language tests (YKI test)

You can take the intermediate and advanced Finnish language level YKI test.

Start-up courses

Start-up courses are free Finnish language courses for immigrants and refugees who live in Vantaa. These courses are arranged at different locations in Vantaa: in Tikkurila, Korso, Koivukylä and Myyrmäki. The teaching language of the courses is usually Finnish. There are also courses for those who cannot read or write (ABC courses). The courses are non-stop courses, that is, you can also join a course in the middle of the semester.

You can register for the courses that are already in progress with the teacher at the location where the course is carried out. You can get information about vacancies by asking the course teacher at the location where the course is carried out or coordinating teacher Anni Kalinainen, whose contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Mother and child Finnish language courses

Mother and child courses are intended for mothers from Vantaa, who stay at home with a child under 3 years of age. The courses teach simple Finnish. There is a babysitter at the courses. The courses are free.

For more information, please contact course-designer teacher Anni Kalinainen, whose contact information you will find at the bottom of the page.

Spring groups of mother and child courses
Martinlaakso 16.1.-22.5.2023 on Mondays klo 10.30–12

Soittorasian avoin kohtaamispaikka, Raiviosuonmäki 2F

Myyrmäki 16.1.-22.5.2023 on Mondays

klo 13.30–15

Vaskikellon avoin kohtaamispaikka, Ojahaantie 1

Tikkurila 19.1.-11.5.2023 on Thursdays

klo 14–15.30

Ukko-Pekan avoin kohtaamispaikka, Aniskuja 3

Koivukylä 3.2.-12.5.2023 on Fridays

klo 9.30–11

Koivukylän avoin kohtaamispaikka, Karsikkokuja 17

Hakunila 19.1.-11.5.2023 on Thursdays

klo 9.30–11

Pikku-Hepon avoin kohtaamispaikka, Hiirakkokuja 5

Online course (level A1.3+) 20.1.-12.5.2023 on Fridays klo 13.30–15




K.O.T.O.N.A. programme for those 18-29 years of age

K.O.T.O.N.A. programme is a Finnish language course intended for young immigrants. There are two level groups in the programme: Beginners (level 0-A2) and intermediate (level A2-B1).

The course consists of Finnish language teaching, study guidance and activities that support your integration. The courses are held in Tikkurila, Vantaa. Studying is free of charge.

The course is carried out 24 hours a week. The beginner group is Mon–Fri 9–13:30 and the advanced group is Mon–Thurs 12:15–16 and Fri 9–15.

The spring 2023 courses are in Tikkurila from January 10 to June 2, 2023. We invite suitable applicants to the initial test on Monday 9 January. from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The course can be attended by those who:

  • are 18–29 years old (or turn 18 during the semester)

  • have completed basic education in their home country 
  • can read and write in Latin letters 
  • are motivated and committed to intensive learning
  • valid residence permit and integration plan

Free education literacy courses

The literacy courses are for immigrants who have attended school in their home country only for a little while or have not attended school at all, and cannot read or write in Latin letters. In the literacy course, students will learn to read and write in Finnish as well as basics of the Finnish language. Students are accepted to the course via initial counselling, to which clients are guided from the Employment Services. If it becomes apparent in the initial counselling that the student needs literacy teaching, they will be assigned a place.

The literacy course lasts approximately six months. The course is taught faced-to-face for 16 hours plus there is homework. After completing the course, students can continue their education in integration training or adult basic education.

For more information, please contact Aivi Hämäläinen, whose contact information you will find at the bottom of the page.

More information

Study counselling

Finnish language

Ask for advice by calling on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 15:00 or by visiting Opistotalo at Tikkurila

Anni Kalinainen

Coordinating teacher

on Wednesdays at 13–15

Aivi Hämäläinen

Coordinating teacher

Hanna Uusiprosi

Coordinating teacher
040 631 3934

Finnish courses at adult education centre


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