Enrolment for courses

There are no entrance requirements for the courses at the Adult Education Centre, so you can enrol on any course. Places are allocated in the order of enrolment. We also recommend enroling on a waiting-list!

Henkilö selaa Ilmonettia puhelimella

Service terms of the Education Centre

How to enrol on a course

You can enrol on courses online, by phone calling the customer support number or on site at the Vantaa Adult Education Centre from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 and on Friday from 12:00 to 14:00. Registration is always binding.

When you enrol, you need to give the following information

  • Course number (six-digit code starting with V)
  • The name of the course
  • Your name and Finnish ID number
  • Address and postal code
  • Telephone number and email address

In case you don’t have a Finnish ID number, you can enrol at our office.

Enrolment on the waiting-list

If the course is full, you can also enrol on the waiting-list. If there is a vacancy in the course with a waiting-list, the first persons in the waiting-list will receive a relevant message if there are over five days to the start of the course. The recipient of the message has 24 hours to accept the place offered.

If there are less than five days to the start of the course, a message about the vacancy is sent to all persons on the waiting-list and the first to respond will be granted the place. Enrolment becomes binding when you accept the place from the waiting-list.‍

Cancellation of enrolment

Read more about the information related to the cancellation of enrolment in the Cancellation of enrolment and terms of cancellation” section of the terms and conditions of the service.

Course fees and billing

Upon registration you commit to pay the course fee. Please read our cancellation terms. The course fee is specified for each course in the ilmonet.fi service.

The course fee is billed close to the end of the course and the invoice is delivered by post to the address you have specified. Please note that any changes in contact information are not automatically updated in the register of the Adult Education Centre. You can change your contact information via the ilmonet.fi service or our customer support.

You can also pay the invoice at Vantaa info.

If the course is financed by your employer or any other party, please give the billing address to the study secretary of the relevant subject as soon as possible.

The term of payment is 14 days as of the date of the invoice. For payment reminder, a reminder fee is charged according to the law. The reminded payment has to be made by the due date specified in the payment reminder information, otherwise the invoice will become collectible. Payment reminders and follow-up collection measures are handled by the collection office. If you have any questions concerning the billing, please contact the study secretary of the relevant course.

Discount for unemployed job seekers

If you are an unemployed job seeker, you will be offered a discount of 50 % from the course fees that are EUR 21.00 or more (except for the courses marked with *). The discount does not apply to the course material fees. Please submit the certificate of unemployment to the Vantaa Adult Education Centre not later than by the day when the course starts. After the course has started, no discount will be granted.

Enrol - National Certificate on Language Proficiency (YKI) test

Enrolment for the YKI-test

For the National Certificate on Language Proficiency test, you may enrol online at the address yki.opintopolku.fi. Watch the video for more detailed instructions on enrolment.

For enrolment you will need:

  • bank credentials or your e-mail account.

Payment for YKI test

Payment for the test is made online. After registration, instructions on the payment for the test will be sent to your e-mail address.

For more information about the tests of Finnish and Northern Sami, please contact Hanna Uusiprosi and about the English test – Elina Vienamo. The contact information is provided at the bottom of the page.

Please note! If the test is fully booked, we recommend monitoring the yki.opintopolku.fi website for possible cancellations.

Enrol - Spanish language test (DELE)

The next DELE exam will be held on 13 May 2023 Last date for registration 15 March 2023.

To enrol on the test, please fill in the enrolment form and send a scanned copy (photo taken by the phone is also acceptable) of it by e-mail to Mervi Garcia, whose contact information you will find at the bottom of the page.

Please note! No regular terms of cancellation of the Adult Education Centre are applicable to DELE tests. Please read the terms of cancellation on the enrolment form.


Distance exams at the Adult Education Centre

It is possible to take distance exams at the Adult Education Centre provided the premises suitable for taking the exams are vacant at the time in question. A limited number of places can be reserved.

The place of taking the exam must always be previously agreed upon by contacting the Vantaa Adult Education Centre. You can register for the distance exam at the earliest one calendar month before the time of the exam. The last day of registration depends on the university's own practices.

The price of the exam is EUR 25/exam and the fee is billed. Billing requires submitting personal data. The test location should be cancelled at least 24 hours before the exam, otherwise the exam fee will be billed in full.

Register for the exam by email to aarne.saarinen2@vantaa.fi

More information

Elina Vienamo

Coordinating teacher
043 826 8360 elina.vienamo@vantaa.fi

YKI-test in english

Mervi Garcia

Coordinating teacher
0438268358 mervi.garcia@vantaa.fi

Spanish DELE-test

Hanna Uusiprosi

Coordinating teacher
040 631 3934 hanna.uusiprosi@vantaa.fi

Finnish and northern sámi YKI-test

Aarne Saarinen


Distance exams