Joining a Zoom meeting


Education and trainingResidents

This is how you join a Zoom meeting

  • Open the link you received from the teacher
  • Enter your full name and confirm you are not a robot, select Join
  • Accept the terms of service I Agree
  • Wait a moment, the invitees will let you in when the meeting starts
  • Allow Zoom to use the camera and microphone to show your voice and images in the meeting

Tools for participants

  • There is a toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  • You can use the Mute/Unmute and Stop Video/Start Video icons to mute/open the microphone or hide/show the video, i.e. your own image
  • Participants, shows the participants, as well as the microphone and video status on the right side of the screen
  • Participants can be invited to the meeting either by selecting Invite here
  • Raise hand, in which case a hand icon appears after your name. Lower hand removes the hand image
  • Chat opens a chat window
  • Share Screen shares your screen with participants
  • Reactions brings a clap or a thumbs up to the screen
  • Leave closes the meeting for you


Zoom on a mobile device