Pisto gallery's autumn season starts in September




Paintings, graphics and photographs can be seen in the gallery during the autumn

The Pisto gallery is an exhibition space located in Adult educatin centre´s art center, where the exhibitors are mainly professional artists working in the field of visual arts who have their own courses or other collaborative projects at our institute or nearby. The gallery is mostly presented by the istitute´s teachers. Joint exhibitions of students and study groups are organized to an increasing extent. The students' works are displayed all the time in the wall and cabinet showcases in the corridor leading to the gallery. The works can be made in courses or independently.

The season begins with the artist and designer Riika Anundi, whose paintings and graphics are on display in the gallery and in cabinet showcases from September 5 to September 23.

The gallery is open during the institute's main operating period (September-December): Mon 13-20, Tue 10-20, Wed 11-20, Thurs 10-20, Fri 10-13, Sat 10-14 and on Sundays when there is a course in the art center in progress. Admission to the gallery is free.

Pisto gallery, Lummetie 4, 01300 Vantaa

5.9.-23.9. Riika Anundi Paintings
26.9.-14.10. Satu Puntti Paintings
17.10-4.11. Jukka Kari, Outi Paasi, Jonna Pajunen Photographs
7.11.-2.12. Susanna Suikkari´s study group Graphics



5.9.-23.9. Riika Anundi Graphics
26.9.-14.10. Birgitta Jussila, Marja-Liisa Wahl,  Paintings, sculptures

Jukka Kari, Outi Paasi, Jonna Pajunen

Salme Honkanen



7.11.-2.12. Leila Nuotio Paintings
7.11.-2.12. Leila Altunluoglu´s study group Ceramics