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The online service consists of the City of Vantaa's official website,, as well as the theme sites supplementing it.

The website includes the City of Vantaa’s services, contact information, and topical information. The theme sites supplement the main website. 

How do I find the information I am looking for?

The website contains an immense amount of data, which may make finding an individual piece of information challenging. We recommend that you use the website’s search. If you know the entity the thing you are looking for is connected with, you can also search for it by navigating the main menu.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, give us feedback, and we will do our best to fix the matter. 

Services, e-services and units

The service directory’s essential data are transferred from the metropolitan area service descriptions and offices’ database (TPR family). The data of the registers are also shown on the service map as well as on the outdoor recreation map. The TPR family is implemented by the City of Helsinki. Helsinki also offers the data of the TPR family as open data. The City of Vantaa maintains the data and is responsible for data related to the City of Vantaa. 

Give us feedback

We aim at a website that serves its users better. We will account for the feedback given and the users’ wishes when developing the service. You can give us feedback on the contents, lacks or errors, as well as tell us your ideas on further improving the website. To help us develop the website, give us as concrete feedback and examples as you can.

Set your own cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved in the terminal devices when using websites. Necessary cookies are those cookies without which the use of the website is not reasonably possible.

To improve the service, we are collecting general statistical data on using the pages with the help of Google Analytics and Siteimprove services. The website uses the AddToAny platform (share buttons). Visitors are individualized with the help of their IP addresses, but no visitor can be connected with a natural person based on the data. Administrators of the website use the data for statistical follow-up of the number of visitors, as well as for improving the website's contents, user interface, and user experiences.

To display embedded videos, you must accept the Analytical cookies and use the Translate button to accept the Preferences cookies. These are third-party services that collect visitor information without placing their own cookies on the website.

You can check and edit your cookie settings through the Cookie settings link at the bottom of the page.

Vantaa is committed to producing accessible online services

Accessibility plays a key role in Vantaa’s online services. We aim to remove all technical barriers to using digital services, as stipulated by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. We are also focusing on the accessibility and usability of the contents.

We monitor the accessibility of the service with the help of a monitoring tool. When required, the city will also utilize external accessibility experts and auditors. Identified defects and channels of giving accessibility feedback are described in the accessibility statement.

Vantaa processes personal data pursuant to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation

More information on personal data handled in the service and the service's content-management and publication systems are included in the Data protection chapter.

Theme sites is the City of Vantaa's official website that has plenty of information on, among other things, the City of Vantaa services, influencing options, events, and other topical matters. The theme sites supplement the main website.

Responsibility for contents

City of Vantaa Information is responsible for the contents of the website. Information and departments will together update the contents of the websites that are their responsibility. Administrators of theme sites are responsible for the contents of their own areas.

The aim is to keep the data as up to date and faultless as possible. Due to, for instance, technical reasons, the correctness and up-to-datedness of the website cannot be guaranteed in all situations. The City of Vantaa is not responsible for any damages, costs or impairments caused by potential erroneous information. versions

Progress of the reform

The website is continuously developed. Its functionalities are improved, and new features are constantly added. We are also continuously working on improving the contents, so that they better serve the users.

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